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Imagine your bank calling you and telling you they have decided to give you an "overdraft" attached to your checking account sufficient enough for you to write a check to pay your mortgage off. Now imagine your bank is willing to charge you as little as 3.5 percent tax deductible interest on this account. How much of your available cash would you put into this account? Most would agree ALL OF IT!. We all agree that checking and savings accounts are a pretty inefficient place to store cash, but the reason we don't put it into our mortgage to reduce our principal debt is because WE MIGHT NEED IT. If you had 24/7 access to your equity (your money), you would likely pay your home off in a fraction of the time spent on a normal mortgage.

BUT HOLD THE PHONE! This account could be used differently for those who don't want to pay their home off but instead want to leverage and invest. What if you could find an investment where you could earn more than 4.0%? What if you could harvest equity from your home, essentially becoming the "Bank of You", and invest that money at a higher rate? If you are paying 4.0% simple tax deductible interest, where might you place this money in order to earn 7% compounding tax free interest? There are vehicles like this. I can help you find them.

I've been in the Mortgage Planning business for 20 years and never before have I found a product so perfectly suited as this to increase SAFETY, LIQUIDITY, and RATE OF RETURN in the lives of my clients. This is a brand new product. It has only been in the United States since 2004, it is funded through one of our nation's  most secure banks: Ameriprise Financial, and is currently funding over 100 million per year in the United States. Very few people fully understand it, but of those who do, everyone wants it.

The problem is, not everyone can have it. It is tough to qualify for it, but it should be everyone's goal to be able to do this. That's where I come in. I can provide it to those who qualify and I can help my clients who don't currently qualify to learn how to do so. 

Watch this short five minute video as an introduction to the Home Ownership Accelerator Loan and the Equity Accumulator Account: CLICK HERE TO START THE VIDEO

Want to know exactly how this product can work for you?  CLICK HERE TO TEST DRIVE THE ACCUMULATOR SIMULATOR

Read what CNN, Kiplinger, major US newspapers, and other media sources are saying about this product.  CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE

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