Hi Steve, I just finished watching the Client Initial Presentation. I just wanted to say thank you for having these videos that help me to understand the loan process, your role, my role and everything in between. This is the 5th time we have gone through purchasing a home and it is the only time where someone has actually helped me to understand what the loan process is. I also appreciate you answering any and all questions I have without getting frustrated with me. You take the time to explain things until I understand, and that means a lot to me. I have so much going on in my mind right now and am often sleep deprived which makes my brain sluggish and forgetful, so I may be slower than normal to understand, but you never make me feel bad for it. I do not have much knowledge in the area of finances, investments, loans etc. Doug is the one that handles our finances. I can pay bills ???? but as far as understanding investments, stocks and such... forget it. My niche is animals, nature and people. I am so happy that Janet referred you to us! I'm also happy that Doug went along with me wanting to use your services instead of going to Bank of America. I actually feel way more at ease than I ever have for a home loan since we have your team to help us through it. I am confident that we will ride out any turbulence in our flight and come in for an awesome landing! ???? Thanks again and have a wonderful day,

Big Bear Ca

I'm so happy I chose Steve to work with my clients for a home loan. He did a fabulous job, and was so very patient. For over 2 years he followed up with calls to my client and groomed them to where they were finally loan approved. During escrow, the loan was a smooth process. My clients are now home owners of newly built construction, the home of their dreams. They have said of Steve, "He is our Mortgage broker for life."

Gigi Ray
Fontana CA

Steve, I just want to thank you for my house loan. You got me in when no one else would look at me. I managed to buy at the lowest point in the housing market for the lowest rates available since then. I am thrilled and really appreciate your efforts.

Kathleen Hartshorne
Chula Vista

If you need a team of Professionals; then Steve and his team is who you need on your side. Whether you want to purchase, sell, or refinance; or you need help from a VA Specialist, you need to speak to Steve. He helped us from start to finish and we are thankful for him. A Great Thank You

Terry and Margaret young
Hemet CA

We just wanted to drop a note to say thank you very much for all your hard work! I realize we had some tight timelines we were working towards and you were both working very hard to help us. As of this Friday we will have our funds together and be in a much better financial state for our family’s future. I can’t really say how much this means to us. Our family has worked very hard to get to this point and we feel like you have been there with us, and with Donovan. The refinancing was a critical, final piece of the puzzle for us and is going to provide us with years of stability and the financial freedom to secure a brighter future for our children. We could not have done this without your dedication and patience. Thank you again very much. Best regards, Kevin & Romy

Kevin and Romy
El Segundo CA

My name is Steven Pease and I was a first time home buyer with no previous experience of the home buying process when my realtor recommended Steve and his team for our financial needs. Working with Steve and his team was an incredibly easy and pleasant experience in an otherwise stressful and often difficult home buying process. Steve himself has an incredible amount of knowledge and a complete willingness to share that knowledge with anyone who has questions. He always answers his phone with a friendly hello and never hesitates to offer his immediate assistance. His team shares this friendly professionalism and prompt response time, as all of my paperwork and loan processing was done in a quick and efficient matter as soon as they were provided with the information needed. Yet perhaps most importantly Steve and his team made it clear from day one that they were working in my best interest through both their words and their subsequent actions. They offered me plans that suited my needs and never pressured me or pushed into accepting any services or options that they offered. If you are looking for a finance team that has the knowledge and experience combined with a positive attitude and a customer-first mentality, Steve Gronlund and his team are the team for you. Thanks again for all of your hard work. You really made my experience a lot easier. I look forward to working with you again once I find my new home! Sincerely, Steven M. Pease

Steven Pease

Steve Gronlund came in our lives when our son-in-law told us about the results he booked with Steve. One phone call and a visit afterwards to exchange critical information was all Steve needed to get to work for us. Pretty soon we received notice that we were financially qualified to buy a house in our income range. Soon afterwards, we received a phone call from a very effective real estate Agent to guide us to the various properties choices. We found what we liked and of course all the endless paperwork involved when buying a home were effectively handled by Steve and his tireless crew. Steve’s effort to do us right has been one of the best experiences we had and cannot compare with all our previously home buying adventures. We are still calling on Steve for financial advise and completely trust him. We wish him well and hope he will be a around for a long time.

Roy VanKanten

I've worked with Steve on two loans and he's also worked with my in-laws on their recent purchase loan. In all cases Steve has proven to be a trusted subject matter expert, no matter what the circumstances. I experienced a bankruptcy in 2007, and as a veteran I had a two year wait until I could use my VA benefits to purchase another home. When I was eligible I sought out Steve as I needed an expert in all loans but especially VA loans and all that they entail. From the first meeting with Steve it was clear that he was in total control of the situation, what was required by the VA and how I could make my case as strong as possible. In every loan or refi since then including the one for my in-laws Steve has done exactly as he said he would, delivering the results he said he would. I cannot recommend anyone any stronger than Steve Gronlund. If you are buying a home or considering a re-fi you need to call Steve, it's as simple as that.

Toby Hammett

We would like to commend Steve Gronlund and his team for providing exceptional customer service. We had the opportunity over the past 7 years to buy two homes using the services of the Vintage Mortgage Firm. On each occasion the loan process was expedient and met all our expectations. Steve and his staff clearly understood how buying a home can be stressful. They presented loan documents online with clear instructions which alleviated us from having to travel to a local office. We only traveled once to an Escrow Company when it was time to sign loan documents to close on the purchase of our new home. Thank You.

Claudette and Victor LeBlue

Steve Gronlund is currently helping me with my second mortgage loan and he has been very professional, helpful and extremely knowledgeable in the field of Mortgage loans. He has always been available to answer any of our questions and walked us through the loan process. I couldn’t be any happier working with Steve and his team! I will be recommending Steve from Vintage Mortage to everyone in need of a loan.

Anthony and Michele

Your team was most helpful in my buying a home though the VA. I would recommend you and your team to anyone buying a home through the VA or bank. Thank You If you can read this Thank a Teacher. If you read this in English, Thank a veteran. Tom

Thomas Feeney

To whom it may concern: I found Steve Gronlund to be professional..personable..efficient .. knowledgeable ..energetic..integrous..creative..caring and helpful just a few of a long list of qualities. He made the loan process as easy as possible... and that's a big deal.. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kitt Parry

Steve Gronlund and his team gave us great support during the loan processing for our house. He made sure I knew what steps to take next and gave me a clear understanding of what information was required. It seemed like Steve was a close advocate that I could call anytime, day or night. I chose to use my VA benefits to secure the loan and Steve was well equipped with the VA requirements. I would recommend anyone to use Steve and his team for their home loan needs. Thanks again Steve,

Tim Kershner,
Temecula, CA

> Hi Steve! > I got your thank you letter in the mail and I just wanted to thank you for a smooth transaction and getting our loan through! We are getting excited to move into our new home soon! Also, my sister will contacting you probably this week to discuss refinancing her home! I highly recommend you to others and will continue to do so! Thank you very much!

Terry Mabry
Temecula CA

April 22, 2015 To whom this may concern: Steve Gronlund was the perfect man for our job! We sold our house in Arizona so much faster than we ever could have expected and before we were really ready to move to southern California. Steve hit the ground running and worked hard to help us qualify for a loan, wasted no time getting all the necessary paperwork for us to fill out, all the while providing us with great wisdom and advice that we really relied on. He was incredibly efficient through every detail, accessible whenever we needed him or had questions, and always had the best attitude and friendly disposition. We appreciate the way he made us feel so valued, though we knew he had many other clients. We couldn't recommend his services highly enough. With all his experience and his high standards of excellence, i believe he is clearly the best in his field! Sincerely, Esther peters

Esther peters
Sun City California

Hi Steve As a veteran your- self and knowing what veterans need: the help and knowledge you have that you put to use for us was great. I salute you and I’m blessed to also have you as a friend. Terry and Margaret would just like to say thank you for the great job you did for us with getting our Refi done in such a timely matter, and for taking the time to answer any and all questions for us. Also for all the follow up that you e-mailed us so would know each next step. A big thank you to you and your team, and I would recommend you to any veteran.

Terry and Margaret Young
Temecula Ca

Just taking a moment to say thanks. You and your team were so helpful. We really appreciate everything! :)

Luther Parks
Temecula Ca

WHOOOHOOOOO! Great job! Thank you so much for all your special efforts. We really appreciate you all for your discounted fees, amazing service, and wonderful efforts to get things done!

Diana L. Doulames, MBA, Realtor
Temecula Ca

Steve, the Listing agent is amazed with you and so are we , seller is not ready to close escrow till 7th of July. We were thinking of getting docs signed on Thursday and fund/record special on Monday the 7th

Trina Gonzalez – Temecula Realtor
Temecula Ca

I can’t stress enough how impressed we are at how much you and your team are going above and beyond!!!! We will so be sending our other 3 friends who are looking to purchase in next year your way. Thanks for everything

Shawn and Dawne Pelletier
Murrieta Ca

YOUR LOAN WENT FROM SUBMISSION TO CTC IN 6 DAYS! The Woodford loan was submitted May 28th at 2:07 pm and received the CTC at 1:10 pm on June3rd! Great work

Underwriting team
Temecula Ca

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your help with the purchase of our first home. We are all moved in and the home is more perfect for our daughters than we originally thought. You were very honest and helpful from beginning to end and made experience very simple. Cassie and I wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work handling our first home. In one of your emails you talked about leaving a testimonial…how can we do that for you?

Daniel Castillo
Temecula Ca

Dear Steve, I can’t believe how far we have progressed into the new year. It seems like just last week we were taking down the Christmas decorations and thinking about our plans for the coming year. Sam and I have been so busy that we never really digested all the happenings of 2013. However, recently we had the opportunity to have a discussion about the events of last year and put them into perspective. Of the many things we talked about, one was the refinancing of our home and the epic journey we experienced to obtain a VA loan. Looking back, the memory of the many hurdles we needed to overcome has dimmed, however, some details of the journey remain very clear. Above all else we remember how you so competently guided us through the entire process and when the hurdles seemed too many or too high you were there with encouragement and patient optimism. Indeed, we feel certain we would not have reached our goal without your expertise and willingness to sacrifice your time and profit in order that we might obtain our home loan. When we wanted to throw in the towel, your positive attitude gave us the impetus to go forward. Regretfully, Sam and I never sufficiently expressed our gratitude. We want to rectify that now by thanking you and letting you know how much we deeply appreciate all you did for us in regard to obtaining our VA loan. You really are an expert when it comes to home loans, but perhaps even more important you are a caring person who seeks the best for your clients even at your own personal expense.

Sam and Susan Puma
Winchester Ca

I am a disabled veteran who is a first time home buyer and i was ready to settle in California and with the help from Steve and the team my dream came true. Steve and the team were honest, trustworthy, very professional and caring. I would recommend Steve and the team to protental home buyers. Thank You So Much

Shannon&Kelly Donnell
Temecula Ca

I have been using Steve Gronlund for years and could not be happier with his company. He is one of the most honest and intelligent lenders I have every worked with and would highly recommend him to anyone buying or refinancing a home. His years of knowledge allow him to give my clients the best choices for their loan tied in with solid advice. I trust my clients are in good hands when I refer them to Steve and that is what I need most in a lender!

Marcel Hensley, The Hensley Group, Keller Williams Realty
Temecula Ca

To: The Gronlund Team; From: Steven Wells Corona, CA Date: 10/30/2012 Topic: Refinance Assistance Just a little over a year ago I began the process of refinancing my current residence. A seemingly simple process made much more complicated by the issue of being under water and backed by a most un-user friendly government backed program. During this time I explored several options (by several I mean the 1 available), with several different businesses (by several I mean 7). Not a lot of options, but plenty of places that say they can “help you”. Of all of these companies, Team Gronlund was the only one that was straight forward and made it happen. I was fortunate to be referred to Tom Flecky who was always available for calls, of which I made many, and he was always willing to explain the process as the government continually rolled out new information causing the banks and lenders to stall. As things dragged on due to uncertainties about government programs I was impressed to receive calls from no other than Steve Gronlund himself, taking the time to explain to me what had been occurring by simply making sure that I was informed and letting me know they were doing everything they could. So from then on I decided to give Tom a break and call and pester Steve continuously. Again, every call was answered and or returned very quickly and professionally. It’s not too often a standard customer gets that kind of attention from the head guy of the company. When Steve was wrapped up in a meeting his assistant Donna Gunter was always there to answer my questions with tremendous patience and knowledge. Throughout the process all 3 of these individuals put up with, at times, an annoying customer asking questions than no one could really even know the answers to due to the vague process and policies of the HARP program. However, at no time did I feel like they felt put out or unwilling to help me understand to the best of their abilities what was going on. They were finally able to pull it off and get me the ability to obtain a great interest rate which lowered my monthly payment roughly $800 without ever having to miss or be delinquent on a payment. These were a couple of things that were very important to me. In final I would like to say again, Thank You to Team Gronlund, specifically the 3 members I have had the privilege of being helped by. I have no doubt that anyone who is employed by Mr. Gronlund possesses the same level of customer care and service that I had experienced. I greatly appreciate their commitment to helping me secure a refinance under less than ideal circumstances. The government system and circumstances certainly wasn’t perfect, but the professionalism and service provided by Team Gronlund Staff definitely was.

Steven Wells

July 11, 2012 Subject: Geckeler purchase Steve, Again, thank you. I'm reasonably experienced in the quick evaluation of a professional. From the very beginning, you've shown yourself to be a 'professional's professional' and should rightly be proud of that. All the best, Bill Geckeler, MD

Bill Geckeler, MD

Steve and Donna, I just wanted to drop this note to show some appreciation for the hard work you guys have put into our situation and file over the last few months. We are so appreciative of your hard work and efforts to get us a deal like this, on a home that we love! When I first spoke to Steve months ago and explained our credit situation, his quote to me was, "I'll bet my teeth I can get this loan done for you." Well, four months and a few houses in escrow later, Steve gets to keep his pearly whites and we got the deal done! I had spoken to and tried with so many other different mortgage officers prior to speaking to you, and none of them even had a glimmer of hope for us. You guys were very honest and professional throughout the entire process and we will definitely be recommending your services to anyone we can. Thanks again!!! Scott and Kathleen Pierce

Scott and Kathleen Pierce

We were impressed with your professional service. Looking forward to meeting with you again. Thank you for your most informative newsletters. They will help when we purchase our home. Elizabeth & Richard Sarver

Elizabeth & Richard Sarver

Dear Steve, You and your staff run a superb office and you have always come through for us in the past 10 years. Your help in getting us started in becoming investors his highly appreciated. Ben and Eleanor Hernandez Real Estate Investors

Ben and Eleanor Hernandez

Being self employed, everywhere we went we had to jump through hoops and run around in circles. Your office removed all the obstacles & got our home refinanced. Great job!! Thanks. Rich & Kathy Lipshin Corona, CA

Rich & Kathy Lipshin

We would like to let everyone know that if they are truly committed to creating wealth and security for themselves and their family, then they need the expertise of Vintage Mortgage on their team. Steve Gronlund is a master craftsman at doing mortgage loans. Joe and Alma Tilley Purchase and Refinance Clients

Joe and Alma Tilley
Ontario, CA

Steve, you and the staff made the refinancing of our home a stress free experience. Your advice and guidance contributed greatly to realizing our needs completing our home improvements and streamlining finances as we help our two children in college. Bruce and Ginny Shaffter Retired U.S. Army Veteran

Bruce and Ginny Shaffter

The Gronlund Team folks (Steve, Michele, Robin & crew) were GREAT! Yes Addison and I really needed a refinance to pay off old debts and pay for a new roof. Truly no one could have done such a great job. These folks were patient, kind, smart, financial wizards and helped us to have a Second Chance on life. Hallelujah! Tell all your friends when they're looking for a great mortgage company to give Steve Gronland a call for sound financial advice. Addison & Connie J Jones Refinance Clients Sacramento, CA

Addison & Connie J Jones

The knowledgeable expertise and service from you and your staff was much more than I had expected or hoped for. Linda Moya Refinance Client Adelanto, CA

Linda Moya

Though we have an excellent credit rating we show a relatively low income. You far surpassed my greatest expectations in obtaining us an excellent refinancing package and the service and attention to detail far exceeded anything we had experienced in the past. Though many loan agents and mortgage brokers are dropping by the wayside it looks like you have built an organization that has real staying power. Thanks from both of us! Ed and Mary Henricks Refinance clients Simi Valley, CA

Ed and Mary Henricks

You and your staff run a superb office and you have always come through for us in the past 10 years. Your help in getting us started in becoming investors his highly appreciated.-- Ben and Eleanor Hernandez Real Estate Investors Riverside, CA

Ben and Eleanor Hernandez

Over the years, Steve has assisted us in financing our home and refinancing. He and his staff always go above and beyond. They're excellent at what they do. We are not the easiest clients to deal with however, our experience with Steve and his staff exceeded our expectations. Thank you Steve! Roger and Christy Galindo Refinance Clients Murrieta, CA

Roger and Christy Galindo

Utilizing the services of The Gronlund Team was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only were they efficient and successful in their efforts in helping us re-finance our home... they also have consistently kept in contact with us, letting us know that they are there and available. Plus, they continue to show their caring attitude through the various email tips Steve sends to help with any financial or life situations. Vintage Mortgage not only offers a service, they also offer their friendship. Kathleen Osborne Refinance client Hemet, California

Kathleen Osborne

I have had both a professional and personal relationship with Steve Gronlund since they opened up shop in Temecula. I have had the pleasure of working with them both as a vendor and a client and I would consider Steve a personal friend. I would not and have not hesitated to refer friends and family over the years as I know Steve and his staff treat all clients with honesty and integrity. As an appraiser, I have inside knowledge as to the inner workings of a lot of lending institutions and when it comes down to which lender gets my business it is the Gronlund Team without question. I have utilized their services for both my primary residences as well as investment properties and the caliber of service received on every transaction has been above reproach. If you are truly looking for a professional and ethical mortgage lending firm to do business with then my recommendation is Steve Gronlund and his team. Jeff Taylor Jeff Taylor Real Estate Appraisal

Jeff Taylor

We were in a tough position. After years of excellent credit ratings we were thrown into a difficult financial position. We wanted to buy a home but most mortgage companies wouldn't talk to us. Steve and his team took the time to work with us on a personal level and helped us buy a beautiful home. Professional, courteous and attentive, you couldn't ask for a better team! Earle and Robin Kirkley Purchase and Refinance Clients Winchester, CA

Earle and Robin Kirkley

Dear Steve, You and everyone at the Gronlund Team amaze us! You are the best we’ve seen in your industry! We sincerely mean that. We are so lucky and grateful to know you. You make our job easy. Thank you so much for your outstanding service! Sincerely, Grace Hood, GRI, ABR, SRES Vice President Randall Hood, e-Pro, USMC (ret) President Properties By Hood, Inc. Realty Executives of Carlsbad

Grace and Randall Hood

I want to write a quick note to pass along my highest recommendation of my mortgage broker, the entire team made my home purchase as smooth a process as is humanly possible. In a day when certain types of home loans are very difficult to obtain, and very slow to secure, VMG was with me every step of the way, giving me sound advice on a home loan strategy, weekly updates on my particular loan, and encouragement when things seemed somewhat daunting. On the last day of last month, my wife and I moved into our dream home, and we are most grateful to the Gronlund Team for all the hard work that the team did on our behalf! I would enthusiastically recommend their services to anyone! David Crum [first time home buyer]

David Crum [first time home buyer]

Hi Steve, Chris and I thought you and your team were really nice and very helpful to work with. Sometimes you could be a little hard to get a hold of, but you always returned our calls/emails. When we moved to San Diego, we had been warned that the mortgage industry in So Cal is cutthroat It's always hard to figure out who to trust with your financial and personal information, but we felt that you and your team were honest and hardworking, and we never got a "bad vibe" or felt like we were being taken advantage of. I guess that sounds like a backhanded compliment, but as first time home buyers, we didn't really know what we were doing, and your team made the process as painless and comfortable as possible. Thanks! Virginia Jacobs (503) 320-0711

Virginia Jacobs

Hi Steve, First, thank you for providing such important information on alternative purchase options. My business partner and I feel enlightened and empowered after those two hours at your seminar. And for the price; WOW! Also, thanks for offering to send us the power point presentation. I was happy to be able to listen and not worry about writing every detail down. Will you please send the presentation to this address? We'll be in touch, maybe for lunch?! Sincerely, Connie Courtney Gina Collins and Connie Courtney The Valley Home Team with Community One Realty

Gina Collins and Connie Courtney

Just want to say thank you again. When I find out that someone is buying a property, I tell them about how great you and your team are, and how competant you all are,and I wanted to tell you that I still want to keep in touch. I appreciate your emails. Thank you so much, Karol Jones

Karol Jones

To whom it may concern; I would like to recommend Steve Gronlund and his team at Vintage Mortgage Group in the strongest terms possible! As a Realtor, my fellow agents and I rely heavily on having a mortgage team who can get the job done for our clients in this very difficult market. Steve and VMG deliver, time after time! In addition to being very easy to work with, their communication skills are far above the norm, using regular calls and email to update the status of each transaction. They keep us in the loop at every step. The client and I always know where we stand, and that is really appreciated! Steve has personally gone to bat against difficult underwriters on behalf of my clients more than once, and without question saved several of my escrows from crashing in flames. He also works with clients who aren't quite ready to qualify and helps them get on track for home ownership. I can't praise him and VMG enough! Virginia Realty Executives


Hello Mr. Gronlund, First I want to thank you for all your help and patience in assisting me in the purchase of my first home. I would also like to thank your team in all their hard work and dedication in their profession. I am more than pleased in the level of service I have received and will recommend your team to anyone I know. Also I wont forget to have corona lights at my housewarming for you, it just wont happen until the spring after the snow melts and everyone can get up there. Again thank you and your team for your outstanding service, and have a wonderful day. Scott G. Eversole TSgt, CA ANG WFSM Instructor

Scott G. Eversole TSgt, CA ANG

Steve: You probably don't remember my husband or I, but we talked real estate a.. couple of years ago. I am just writing to tell you that I have noticed by your emails how busy you are and involved in so many good causes. I just wanted to thank you for all the good you do and that your good work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all the good you have done(Marines), and all the good that you are doing. Keep in touch. We may be moving in a yr. or so, and I would not trust anyone more to handle our affairs. Sincerely: Ken and Lynn Moore

Ken and Lynn Moore

Hello Steve, You made me uncomfortable as a result of the planning seminar you hosted in Temecula last month. Thanks! Even though my sales volume increased by 50% last year, I worked myself past irritability almost to the point of burnout. I needed your seminar and now have a clearer vision of where I want to take my Real Estate Consulting business this year and 5 years form now. John P. Cadman

John P. Cadman

5/13/10 Thank you Steve. You are great, everyone I refer to you loves how you work! Please let me know if I can help in any way. Thank you Anne Virjee Realtor

Anne Virjee

Steve and team, Vivian and I want to thank you for helping us quality and get loan approval for our new home. Your professionalism, personal attention, and patience in assisting us are very much appreciated. The success of us finding a home and getting our offer accepted so quickly was largely due to your advice. Therefore we were able to meet the qualification in time for the tax credit. We have moved in and spent our first night in our new home. Thank you and your team very much for making this happen for us. Sincerely, Karl Anthony Brown Jr.

Karl Anthony Brown Jr.

Hi Steve Thank you again for the wonderful Seminar yesterday. Without a doubt one of the most information packed presentation I have been to. Never sell yourself short about your Presentation skills. When someone keeps my attention for 3+ Hours that speaks volumes for the knowledge/professionalism of that Individual. Wonderful job! If you would be so kind I would like to take you up on your offer of the Power Point Presentation. I am extremely excited about the FARJHO opportunity. The program definitely could be the cog in the wheel to make a Huge difference in the Industry. I was transitioning out of Residential into a Commercial Opportunity, that I will still pursue, but now I have something for Residential that I can sink my teeth into. I have signed up for the Realtor Partnership Opportunity and look forward to the Training this upcoming Friday. Thank you again! Barbara Hill Business Development Manager Commercial Relief Realty Executives Experts

Barbara Hill

ENDORSEMENT FOR STEVE GRONLUND My husband, Bill, and I met with Steve on Friday, August 13th to discuss refinancing our mortgage. He appears to be in high demand, since he couldn’t get off the phone at our appointed time to meet. Already 30 minutes late into what we wanted to discuss, Bill and I started out a bit on the defensive. Bill can not stand tardiness… I should know. After a short while into our mutual interviews we were quite impressed with Steve. He was VERY knowledgeable about his industry and available options. He’s quite busy but organized with necessary forms on his computer. He discovered some things about us, financially, that he didn’t expect. That put us in a different category in terms of the financing available. We qualified for an unusual HOA line of credit, financed by Ameriprise, which has only been available in the United Sates since 2001. With that in mind, we walked through the necessary forms, etc. and return to follow up with Steve on Saturday morning. (He was on time for our meeting that day). Long story short, if for some reason the appraisal and our needs don’t match, he has other options available to us. Steve is like a “one-stop-shop” when it comes to mortgages and real estate. He certainly operates above and beyond any bank or other mortgage broker with whom we’ve dealt. His follow up and attention to detail are great and that probably explains why he was a “Ruby” executive in Amway at one time in his career. If you need experience and expertise in mortgages and/or real estate, Steve is your man! Debra Smith BNI – Business Concierge

Debra Smith